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CC3000 click (WiFi)
CC3000 click (WiFi) CC3000 click is an add-on board in the mikroBUS form factor. It features the CC3000MOD WiFi module, as well as a ceramic antenna, for adding WiFi functionality without requiring too much Wi-Fi or RF expertise. The Texas Instruments CC3000MOD integrates the IPv4 TCP/IP stack with built-in network protocols (ARP, ICMP, DHCP client and DNS client). This simplifies connection to local networks and/or the Internet, while minimizing software requirements for the target board MCU. The CC3000 click enables OFDM rates from 1 to 54 Mbps in the 2.4-GHz ISM band. CC3000 also has integrated EEPROM memory. The ceramic antenna has a maximum range of about 70 meters in open space. The board is designed to operate on a 3.3V supply only, and communicates via a SPI interface.
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Ethernet Roll Cable
Ethernet Roll Cable 1 meter long ethernet cable, with roll mechanism. It features two RJ45 connectors and a flat cable.
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microSD Card Proto
microSD Card Proto The microSD board features an microSD card slot used as a mass storage media for portable devices. Industry standard SPI interface ensures simple communication at high data rates. Use it for fast data acquisition or storing other data, like music, text files, videos and more.
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mikroC PRO for AVR
mikroC PRO for AVR Compiler mikroC PRO for AVR has all the ANSI C power and flexibility and the most advanced IDE on the market. Many practical examples and comprehensive documentation allow a quick start in programming AVR MCUs.
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mikroMedia 7" for STM32F4
mikroMedia 7" for STM32F4 Mikromedia 7 for STM32F4 is a 7" display board powered by the proven STM32F407ZG with 168 MHz operation (210 DMIPS), 1 MB of Flash and 192 + 4 KB of SRAM. The board also features various modules such as an accelerometer, microSD card slot for external storage, MP3 Stereo Codec chip, WiFi module, CAN interface and ethernet connector.
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miniUSB-B Roll Cable
miniUSB-B Roll Cable 1 meter long USB type A to type Mini-B cable, with roll mechanism. It can be used to ease connections to your development tools and boards.
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Riverdi Display 4.3"
Riverdi Display 4.3" A high-quality cost-effective 4.3" TFT display with optional touch screen and a decorative cover glass (bezel) option on the capacitive touch models. Well integrated with MikroElektronika tools. The 480x272px screen is driven by an FT80x graphic controller which is supported in Visual TFT, the GUI design tool for rapid development of user interfaces.
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Capacitive Touch    R1,100  Qty:
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Cap. Touch w/ Black Bezel    R1,100  Qty:
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Cap. Touch w/ White Bezel    R1,100  Qty:
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Thermal Printer
Thermal Printer The CSN-A2 thermal printer is similar to what you would find on a credit-card POS machine. With a simple serial UART (TTL) interface, this unit has the ablity to print strings and bitmap images, as well as generate several different formats of barcodes. It uses a 12V power supply with the maximun current draw of 1.5A.

Printing speed is 50-80mm/s, with a resolution of 8 dots per millimetre (around 384 dots per line) and an effective printing width of 48mm.

The thermal paper that is used in the printer is commonly found in most office supply stationary stores and is sized at 57mm ±0.5mm thick, with a maximun paper roll diameter of 39mm (larger rolls can be made smaller to fit by simply removing some extra paper - this paper can then still be used in the unit, as one does not need to use a 'core' in the paper for it to work with the thermal printer).
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