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Accessory Boards
Accessory boards allow you to add specific functionality to your microcontroller-based application.

They are available for everything from communication, to storage, to analogue functionality.

Please note that the below list does not include all of the boards available. For a complete list, please see the store.
Connection Standard Available (What's this?)
Board   Price
Basic Digital I/O          
Input (DIP Switches)   R86*   Y  
PULL (Pull-Up / Pull-Down Resistors)   R71.50*   Y  
4x4 Keypad   R130*   Y Y
Optocoupler   R305*     Y
Encoder   R175*     Y
Power Transistors   R265*   Y  
Wired Communication          
Ethernet (LAN)   R275*   Y Y
RS232 (Serial Communication)   R115* Y    
USB UART (Serial/RS232 to USB interface)   R130* Y   Y
USB SPI (SPI to USB interface)   R205*     Y
USB I2C (I2C to USB interface)   R205*     Y
CAN (Controller Area Network)   R265*   Y  
CAN-SPI (CAN with SPI interface)   R305*   Y Y
RS485   R265*   Y Y
LIN (Local Interconnect Network)   R305*   Y  
4-20mA Current Loop   R380*     Y
Fiber Optic   R495*     Y
Wireless Communication          
WiFi   R290*   Y Y
ZigBee / X-Bee   R425*   Y Y
Bluetooth   R570*   Y Y
Bluetooth Low Eneregy   R365*     Y
2.4GHz Radio   R235*     Y
868MHz Radio   R840*     Y
LoRa   R770*     Y
Infra-Red   R140*     Y
IrDA   R380*   Y Y
Energy Harvesting   R570*     Y
GSM / GPRS Communication          
Telit GL865   R715*     Y
Quectel M95   R640*     Y
Quectel UG95 (3G)   R1,250*     Y
SIM800H   R815*     Y
uBlox Leon G-100   R1,250*   Y  
MMC/SD Card   R235*   Y Y
RAM   R220* Y Y Y
Compact Flash   R305*   Y  
SerialFlash   R145*   Y Y
EEPROM   R115*   Y Y
Display / Touch Panel          
LED   R115*   Y  
LED Matrix Display   R220*     Y
Bar Graph (Meter) Display   R175*     Y
7-Segment Display   R145*   Y Y
TFT (Colour display with touch-panel)   R450* Y    
EVE Graphics Controller [i]   R570* Y Y Y
Touch-Panel Controller   R205* Y Y  
LCD/GLCD Display Adapters       Y  
On-Screen-Display   R510*     Y
ADC (Analogue to digital converter)   R350*   Y Y
LDC (Inductance to digital converter)   R510*   Y Y
Potentiometer (8 Potentiometers)   R235*   Y  
Digital Potentiometer   R87.50*   Y Y
DAC (Digital to analogue converter)   R265*   Y Y
Comparator   R175*     Y
Environment Measurement          
Temperature, Humidity & Pressure Measurement          
Temperature and Humidity   R235* Y Y Y
Thermocouple (Temperature)   R425*     Y
Infra-Red Thermometer   R425*     Y
Pressure Sensor   R365*     Y
GPS   R640*   Y Y
GNSS   R570*     Y
Motion & Position Measurement          
Three-Axis Accelerometer   R275* Y   Y
Tilt Sensor   R190*     Y
Gyroscope   R365*     Y
Compass   R365*     Y
Magnetic Field Detection (Hall Sensor)   R175*     Y
Motion Sensor   R190* Y   Y
Proximity/Distance Sensor   R175*     Y
Altitude Sensor   R210*     Y
Light & Colour Measurement          
Ambient Light Sensor   R235*     Y
Light to Frequency Converter   R260*   Y Y
UV Light Detector   R350*     Y
Color Sensor   R220*     Y
Line Following   R220*     Y
Chemical Detection          
Alcohol Sensor   R220*     Y
Air Quality Sensor   R240*     Y
CO (Carbon Monoxide) Sensor   R240*     Y
LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) Sensor   R220*     Y
Methane Gas Sensor   R220*     Y
Hydrogen Gas Sensor   R220*     Y
Hall Effect Sensor   R175*     Y
Lightning Proximity Detector   R510*     Y
REED Switch   R100*     Y
Real-Time Clock (with PCF8583)   R305*   Y Y
Real-Time Clock (with Dallas DS1307)   R305*   Y Y
Piezo Buzzer (20Hz - 20KHz)   R130*   Y Y
Audio Codec (MP3 / WMA / etc)   R320*   Y Y
FM Tuner   R425*     Y
Voice Recognition   R570*     Y
Text To Speech   R570*     Y
Relay & Motor          
Relay   R265*   Y Y
Bipolar Stepper Motor Driver   R265*   Y Y
DC Motor Driver   R205*     Y
Buggy Car   R1,650*     Y
Haptic Feedback (Vibration)   R335*     Y
Step-down DC-DC converter   R275* Y    
USB Li-Po Charger   R145* Y    
Voltage Translators   R290*   Y  
Current Measurement   R350*     Y
Connectors / Adapters          
PS/2   R73* Y    
Port Expander   R175*   Y Y
RF-ID Reader (125KHz)   R350*   Y  
RF-ID Reader (13.56MHz)   R425*     Y
NFC   R175*     Y
RF Meter   R640*     Y
Capacitive Touch Sensing   R175*     Y
Joystick Input (Hall-Effect Sensor)   R320*     Y
Joystick Input (Analogue)   R290*     Y
PWM (Pulse-Width Modulation)   R215*     Y
Camera   R570*     Y
Fingerprint Sensor   R785*     Y
DALI (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface)   R365*     Y
Unique ID   R130*     Y
3D Gesture Detection / Recognition   R715*   Y  
Heart Rate   R275*     Y

About Connection Standards
Most accessory boards are designed to a specific standard, allowing them to be easily connected to development hardware (Development Systems / Ready-Start Systems / PLC Systems).

Note however that this does not mean that they can only be used with hardware featuring the relevant standard - they can of course also all be used with any hardware by manually making the connections to them. The connection standard simply makes things easier when compatible hardware is available.

The three different groups which accessory boards can be classified into, based on the connection standard they employ, are:
General (No Standard)

This type has no connection standard. Connections are simply made by soldering wires/pins onto the pads provided.

Any of the other types of connection standards (IDC10 / mikroBus) can obviously also be used in this way.


A MAX3232 accessory board, connected to a breadboard.
IDC10 Standard

This type makes use of the IDC10 connection standard, which exposes the 8 pins of a microcontroller's "port", as well as power and ground.

IDC10 Headers are found on MikroElektronika development systems, ready-start systems and PLC systems.

An adapter is available for connecting IDC10 accessory boards to mikroBus sockets.


A bipolar stepper motor driver accessory board, connected to an EasyPIC7.
mikroBus ("click") Standard

This type makes use of the mikroBus standard, which exposes specific pins for SPI, I2C, UART, etc.

mikroBus sockets are found on newer MikroElektronika development systems, as well as our Breeze boards and the Clicker boards.

A mikroBus WiFi PLUS click accessory board, connected to a Breeze board.

*Prices exclude VAT and may be subject to the Rand/Dollar exchange rate / change without notice. Please see the store for more information on pricing. Where a board is available in multiple different types, the price indicated is that of the least-expensive type.