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Temp-Hum 2 Click Released

Temp-Hum 2 click is a smart temperature and humidity sensor click board™, packed with features, that allow easy and simple integration into any design that requires accurate and reliable humidity and temperature measurements. It measures a wide range of temperature and relative humidity values with a great accuracy. The Si7034 sensor IC from Silicon labs used on this Click board™ utilizes the patented industry-standard low-K polymeric dielectrics for humidity sensing. It allows low drift and, power consumption, low hysteresis, and excellent long-term stability.


Moisture click Released

Moisture click is a Click board™ that can be used to easily detect a moisture level of the skin, by simply touching the sensitive surface of the PCB. The Click board™ is equipped with the printed copper trace sensor, which is sampled by the accurate FDC2112 IC, a 12bit capacitance to digital (FDC) converter, which employs innovative noise and EMI resistant capacitance measuring techniques. This sensor allows the Click board™ to measure the skin moisture by measuring its capacitance, which changes depending on the skin moisture level (hydration state of the outer epidermis).


Tester click Released

Tester click is a Click board™ used as a diagnostic tool on the mikroBUS™ socket. It contains an array of 2x6 LEDs, which signalize the presence of the HIGH/LOW logic level on each pin, providing a visual feedback to the developer. Two additional LEDs indicate the presence of +3.3V and +5V on the mikroBUS™ power rails. This simple diagnostic tool can save hours of troubleshooting, saving the application developer from having to connect various complicated measurement instruments, only to test logic states on the specific mikroBUS™ pins.


Cap Touch 2 click Released

Cap Touch 2 click is a capacitive touch sensing Click board™, with the advanced touch/proximity sensor IC, based on the proprietary RightSense® technology from Microchip. Cap Touch 2 click has six touch sensitive channels and six independent LED drivers with several operating modes, including touch sensor linking, as well as the pulsing and breathing effects. It also supports Multiple Touch Pattern Detection (MTPD), and press-and-hold function. Capacitive touch sensor inputs are protected from false detections, which can be caused by the low noise and RF interferences, providing a very reliable touch sensing functionality.


RGB Driver click Released

RGB Driver click is an RGB LED driver, capable of driving RGB LED stripes, LED fixtures and other RGB LED applications that demand an increased amount of current and voltage. Besides the NCP5623B IC, a triple output RGB LED driver IC which uses I2C interface for the communication with a microcontroller (MCU), this Click board™ is equipped with three additional Power MOSFETs with very low RDSON value, which allow this IC to drive power demanding RGB elements, such as the LED strips, LED spotlights and similar RGB LED installations. The IC itself is capable of displaying a large palette of colors with 32 steps for each of the R, G, and B channels.

Clock Gen 2 click Released

Clock Gen 2 click is an accurate square wave generator that can generate a clock signal in the range from 260kHz to 66.6MHz. It generates a square wave in the frequency of 66.6MHz, which is then processed by the prescaler, which can be set in the range from 20 up to 28. This allows the full frequency range to be achieved on the output. The DS1087L, a 3.3V spread-spectrum EconOscillator, used on the Clock Gen 2 click, offers the spread-spectrum function, which can be controlled via the IC pin and register setting. This allows reduced EMI, especially on the high frequencies. Finally, the DS1087L offers a NV memory (EEPROM), which is used for storing the values of the configuration registers.

AudioAmp 2 click Released

Audio Amp 2 click is a highly efficient class D audio amplifier, using the TDA7491, a dual BTL class-D audio amplifier IC, capable of delivering up to 20W to 8? load. This amplifier IC features high-efficiency output stage drivers and clever design, allowing it to deliver a reasonably high power to the connected speakers, using only GND polygon on the PCB for heat dissipation. In the BTL topology, the output DC blocking capacitors are not required. This allows for simpler design and lower power losses, especially with no input signal. The TDA7491 amplifier IC is equipped with a set of protection features, that allow reliable operation.

Color 7 click Released

Color 7 click is a very accurate color sensing Click board™ which features the TCS3472 color light to digital converter with IR filter, from ams. It contains a 3x4 matrix of photosensitive elements, which can sense red, green, blue and clear light component. Additional IR resistive coating reduces the influence of the IR component of the light spectrum. Four low noise 16bit ADCs ensure the high dynamic range, making this sensor suitable to be used behind dark glass. This sensor offers a fast I2C interface for the communication with the host MCU. Ability to measure light without the influence of the IR makes this device a good choice for Ambient Light Sensing (ALS).


Accel 6 click (Accelerometer) Released

Accel 6 click is a three-axis acceleration sensor with many features. It uses the BMA280, a 14bit triaxial acceleration sensor with intelligent on-chip motion triggered interrupt controller, from Bosch Sensortec. This sensor has an advanced set of features, that allows easy acceleration measurement in three perpendicular axes for up to ±16g, with selectable max range steps for increased accuracy. Using lowpass filter allows filtering of the abrupt changes in acceleration readings. FIFO buffer ensures reliable and fast data delivery. Intelligent interrupt engine allows detection of motion, inactivity, shock vibration, new data arrival, and more.


Hexiwear Workstation Released

While Hexiwear combines the style and usability found in high-end consumer devices, with the functionality of sophisticated engineering development platforms, the Hexiwear Workstation offers you the choice of expandability. Equipped with 4 mikroBUS™ sockets, an onboard programmer and debugger, a microSD card slot, digital temperature sensor, buttons, LEDs and more.
Hexiwear purchased seperately.

Air quality 5 click Released

Air quality 5 click is a triple MOS sensor on a single Click board™, which can detect gas pollution for a number of different gases. The onboard sensor is specially designed to detect the pollution from automobile exhausts, as well as the gas pollution from the industrial or agricultural industry. This Click board™ uses the MiCS-6814, a compact MOS sensor with three fully independent sensing elements in one package: RED sensor, OX sensor, and NH3 sensor. Each of these sensors reacts with the specific type of gases, providing gas readings that including carbon monoxide (CO), nitrogen dioxide (NO2), ethanol (C2H5OH), hydrogen (H2), ammonia (NH3), methane (CH4), propane (C3H8), and isobutane (C4H10). Measurement conversion is handled by the onboard 12bit ADC converter and it is available via the I2C interface.


USB UART 3 click Released

USB UART 3 click is a versatile and feature-rich USB to UART interface from Silicon Labs. It uses CP2102N which is a part of their USBXpress™ family. These devices are designed to quickly add a USB 2.0 full-speed compliant UART interface for custom applications, by eliminating firmware complexity and reducing development time. The Click board™ requires appropriate drivers to be installed in the host OS, in order to support the virtual COM port functionality. Once installed, this device offers amazing connectivity options, up to 3 Mbaud, a very low number of external components, simplified setup of the advanced options via the GUI-based configurator (if required), out-of-the-box functionality with the royalty-free virtual COM port drivers, provided by the Silicon Labs.


IR Grid click Released

IR Grid click is a thermal imaging sensor. It has an array of 64 very sensitive factory calibrated IR elements (pixels), arranged in 4 rows of 16 pixels, each measuring an object temperature up to 300°C within its local Field of View (FOV). The MLX90621BAD IR sensor used on this Click board™ has only four pins, and it is mounted inside of the industry standard TO39 package. It is equipped with 2Kbit of EEPROM for storing the compensation and calibration parameters. The MLX90621BAD IR sensor array IC has I2C compatible digital interface, allowing it to be interfaced with a wide range of different MCUs. The sensor used on this Click board™ offers 40° x 10° FOV. The sensor can output up to 512 frames per second (FPS).


Color 6 click Released

Color 6 click is a very accurate color sensing Click board™ which features the AS73211, an XYZ true color sensor from ams. This company has developed a proprietary JENCOLOR™ filter technology, which ensures compliance to the CIE 1931/DIN 5033 standard (human eye response), providing an accurate XYZ color space response. The low noise 24bit ADCs ensure the highest dynamic range available on market, with the irradiance responsivity per countdown to 0.0005 pW/cm². This sensor offers a fast I2C interface for the communication with the host MCU.


Magneto 5 click Released

Magneto 5 click is a very accurate and reliable magnetic sensor device, which features the MEMSIC MMC34160PJ, a 3-axis magnetic sensor IC. MMC34160PJ IC features an onboard signal processing and I2C communication, simplifying the application development and reducing the host MCU load. It is a very accurate sensor, which can sense the heading direction with the precision of ±1°, with the full scale magnetic field detection of ±16 G. The device also has a RESET function, which eliminates measurement offset errors and restores the internal magnetic field orientation.


Charger 2 click Released

Charger 2 click is a LiPo/Li-Ion battery charger with the additional monitoring IC onboard. This Click board™ as a whole, offers unpreceded battery charging and monitoring solution for 3.7V LiPo/Li-Ion batteries, with the capacity measurement/gas gauge function, for up to 7000 mAh. It provides measurement data via the I2C interface and two signaling LEDs on the Click board™ itself. It features two dedicated ICs - one for charging the battery and one for monitoring its status. The charging function is performed by the STBC08, a standalone linear battery charger IC, while the monitoring of the critical battery parameters is done by the STC3100, a battery monitor IC with Coulomb counter/gas gauge.


Proximity 6 click Released

Proximity 6 click is a versatile proximity detection device on a Click board™. It can detect a foreign object distanced up to 20cm. The Click board™ features a detection sensor IC that can trigger a threshold based interrupts, which makes this Click board™ capable of detecting even simple gesture movements. The advanced onboard IC sensor features LED driver section, a light sensor with the integrated analog front end (AFE), 14 bit analog to digital converter (ADC), and digital engine for processing and aggregation of the measurement result, which simplifies the firmware development. The ambient light cancellation includes both digital and optical filtering, resulting in increased detection reliability.


Pressure 4 click Released

Pressure 4 click is an absolute barometric pressure measurement Click board™, which features a low power consumption, high precision barometric pressure sensor. Capable of using both SPI and I2C communication protocols, Pressure 4 click allows being interfaced with a broad range of various microcontroller units (MCUs). The sensor used on this Click board™ features onboard processing capabilities, such as the IIR filtering, used to filter out abrupt changes of pressure. Low power consumption allows Pressure 4 click to be used in many portable, battery-powered applications. Besides the pressure, it can also measure the ambient temperature, which can be used for the compensation calculations.


iButton Serial Number Released

DS1990A is a unique serial number identification iButton™. The iButton is a technology based on the one-wire communication protocol, and a chip packed in a robust stainless steel casing. This button shaped device has two contacts - the lid and the base. These contacts carry the necessary connections down to a sensitive silicone chip, embedded inside the metal button. When the iButton touches the reader probe on the Click board™, it establishes the communication with the host MCU, via the one-wire interface. The communication is almost instant, so it is enough to press the iButton lightly to the probe contacts.


iButton click Released

iButton click - is an iButton™ probe Click board™. The iButton is a technology based on the one-wire communication protocol, and a chip usually packed in a robust stainless steel casing. The button-shaped iButton device has two contacts - the lid and the base. These contacts carry the necessary connections down to a sensitive silicone chip, embedded inside the metal button. When the iButton touches the reader probe on the Click board™, it establishes the communication with the host MCU, via the one-wire interface. The communication is almost instant, so it is enough to press the iButton lightly to the probe contacts.

The Click board™ comes with the DS1990A, a serial number iButton™ device with a unique 64-bit serial number. For more information on the serial number iButton™ device, please visit the official product page.