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Communication (Go to Parent Category)
Boards for implementing communcation standards; such as ethernet or GSM/GPRS.
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Boards featuring communication technologies which require a physical connection; such as ethernet, USB, RS232, CAN, RS485 and LIN.
Boards for adding GSM/GPRS communication functionality to your application.
Boards for adding WiFi communications to your application.
Boards for adding BlueTooth communication functionality to your application, including BlueTooth Classic as well as the newer BlueTooth Low Energy.
ZigBee / XBee
Boards for adding 2.4GHz ZigBee communication functionality to your application.
Other 2.4GHz
2.4GHz wireless communications technologies other than WiFi, BlueTooth and ZigBee / XBee.
868 MHz
Boards for adding 868MHz wireless communication functionality to your application. 868MHz generally has a good communication range (better than higher frequencies such as 2.4GHz).
Communications modules based on Infra-Red Light.
Other Wireless
Other wireless communication modules.