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Schematic Capture, Simulation and PCB Design

Design Simulate Layout
Design Simulate Layout

  • Design your circuits in the schematic capture module, included as standard with all Proteus licenses.
  • Extensive libraries are included, with the ability to easily create your own parts if they are not already available.


  • Design your PCBs (printed circuit boards) in the PCB layout module.
  • Extensive libraries are included, with the ability to easily create your own parts if they are not already available.
  • Shape-based autorouting included with all PCB design modules.
  • Gerber-file export.
  • 3D board visualisation.
  • Track-length matching for high-speed designs.
  • Various pricing options are available:
    PCB Design Module   First
    (per user)
    PCB Design Starter Kit   R3,650* R2,550*
    PCB Design Level 1   R7,150* R5,000*
    PCB Design Level 1+   R9,550* R6,700*
    PCB Design Level 2   R14,500* R10,000*
    PCB Design Level 2+   R24,000* R17,000*
    PCB Design Level 3   R29,500* R21,000*
    To see a comparison between the different PCB design modules please click here.

  • Visual Designer is a drag-and-drop flowchart-based tool for quickly and easily developing application code for supported hardware:
    (per user)
    Visual Designer for Arduino AVR   R9,550* R6,700*
    Visual Designer for Raspberry Pi   R9,550* R6,700*
  • IoT Builder is designed to make it quick and easy to control remote electronics from a mobile device. Design a front panel for your phone or tablet in our editor and then program the interaction of the UI controls with the hardware using simple Visual Designer flowchart blocks or C/C++:
    (per user)
    IoT Builder for Arduino AVR   R12,000* R8,400*
    IoT Builder for Raspberry Pi   R12,000* R8,400*

Full Package
  • Proteus Platinum Edition provides unrestricted access to the full capabilities and features of the Proteus Design Suite:
    (per user)
    Proteus Platinum Edition   R96,500* R67,500*
Schematic Capture Screenshot
Schematic Capture
VSM (Simulation)
Real-Time Simulation
Graph-Based Simulation
Graph Based Simulation
PCB Design
PCB Design
3D Visualisation
3D Visualisation

DownloadDownload Proteus Demo

  • Proteus installs as a complete package. A license key is then purchased which unlocks the relevant parts of the software.
  • The license may only be used on one computer at a time. Additional licenses are available at a discounted price (approximately 30% discount).
  • If the user later wants to upgrade to a higher license level, or add additional modules, they simply pay in the difference between the two prices (provided that their USC is still valid - please see below).
  • The initial purchase includes a 6 month USC (Update Service Contract) for professional licenses (1 year for educational licenses), which allows for free updates during that time. After the expiration of the USC a new 1 year USC may be purchased (giving access to new versions of Proteus). The fee is approximately 25% or less of the cost of a new package, providing the USC expired recently. USCs that are more out-of-date attract higher renewal fees.
    The software will continue to function as normal should the USC expire, however use of newer releases of Proteus will not be possible.
  • Heavily discounted educational pricing is available (please click here for more info).

  • All manuals, help files and tutorials are included in the Proteus installation.
  • Dizzy Enterprises provides free telephonic/email support if possible.
  • If the user picks the package up from Dizzy Enterprises themselves we will provide free training at the time of collection (for a limited time period), if possible.
  • Support is also available via the forums.
  • Training is available from Dizzy Enterprises at an hourly rate.

  • Various Shipping options are available (please see the store for more information).
    Alternatively, Proteus can be delivered electronically as a digital-download (no shipping necessary).

How to Purchase
Please contact us, or use our online store/ordering-system.

* Prices exclude VAT. If you are not VAT registered then we may choose to discount the VAT from your order (i.e. you pay the price excluding VAT). Prices may also be subject to the Rand/Pound exchange rate / change without notice.