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Accessory Boards (Go to Parent Category)
Boards which can be used to add additional functionality to your design.
A very large variety are available, from accelerometers to GSM/GPRS modules.

Boards may feature an interface standard, such as IDC10 or mikroBus, which makes it easy to connect them to Development Systems or other boards which also feature that connection standard.

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Basic Digital I/O
Boards providing basic digital input/output functionality; such as buttons, switches, opto-couplers, relays, etc.
Boards for implementing communcation standards; such as ethernet or GSM/GPRS.
Boards implementing memory ICs / interfaces, such as RAM / Flash / EEPROM / SD Card.
Display / Touch Panel
Boards featuring displays, boards facilitating the connection of displays, and boards featuring touch-panel controllers.
Boards for implementing analogue funcitonality; such as potentiometer inputs, ADC, DAC, etc.
Environment Measurement
Boards for taking environmental measurements, such as temperature/humidity, acceleration, position (GPS), etc.
Boards for measuring signals generated by the human body.
Boards for measuring time/date.
Boards for audio applications.
Relay & Motor
Boards which employ electro-magnetic / electro-mechanical principles, such as relays and motors.
Boards for regulating / translating voltage, charging batteries, etc.
Connectors / Adapters
Boards assiting with interfacing connections.
Various add-on boards, from a Bipolar Stepper Motor Driver to an RFid reader.