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Microcontroller Boards
Development boards featuring a programmable microcontroller.
Accessory Boards
Boards which can be used to add additional functionality to your design.
A very large variety are available, from accelerometers to GSM/GPRS modules.

Boards may feature an interface standard, such as IDC10 or mikroBus, which makes it easy to connect them to Development Systems or other boards which also feature that connection standard.
Parts & Components
Loose components and parts for integration into your system.
Programmers for PIC, AVR, ARM and 8051.
Computer software for developing your microprocessor-based solution.

Sub-categories include:
- Electronics simulation
   (including microprocessor-simulation)
- PCB Design
- Compilers (C / BASIC / Pascal),
   and visual design assistants
Books on the architechture, theory and programming of microcontrollers.
Industrial Communication
Modems and protocol converters, typically used in industrial environments.
Products which do not fit well into any of the other categories.