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2000mAh Li-Po Battery (Go to Parent Category)

2000mAh Li-Po Battery 3.7V, 2000mAh Lithium-Polymer battery. It comes with a standard connector, compatible with various mikroElektronika development boards.
Size: 63 x 44 x 6mm.
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USB Charger (Li-Ion / Li-Po)
USB Charger (Li-Ion / Li-Po) USB Charger Board is a full-featured battery charger with MCP73832, miniature single-cell, fully integrated Li-Ion, Li-Polymer charge management controller. Board is very small and can be easily integrated in your prototype as well as in your final product.
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VOLT (USB Li-Po Charger)
VOLT (USB Li-Po Charger) The VOLT is a smart USB Li-Polymer battery charger. It features power management circuitry including the MCP73832 charge-controller, which can charge the battery from USB power. Using the provided screw terminals (VSYS and GND) the VOLT can also be used to power your target device from battery (Vbat) or USB (5V). When USB is connected the battery is charging and VSYS outputs 5V. The Power LED is active when either USB or the battery is connected, while the Charge LED lights up only when the battery is charging. Additional screw terminals with STAT and SENSE lines enable battery charge monitoring.
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