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EasyPIC v7 The EasyPIC v7 is the seventh generation of mikroElektronika's famous PIC development board. It is the product of accumulated knowledge over the past 10 years, and features state of the art of design, functionality and quality. The board comes with a PIC18F45K22 microcontroller.
LCDs purchased seperately.
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mikroLab Kits 
Kits of related products, specially packaged, and offered at a discounted price.

Please note that discounted bundles of products (not specially packaged) are also available.
Software > Compilers 
High-level software for producing microcontroller code.
PIC, AVR, ARM and 8051 compilers are available in C, BASIC and Pascal variants.
Other software applications, such as visual tools for for working with graphic LCDs and touch-screens, are also available.
Accessory Boards 
Boards which can be used to add additional functionality to your design.
A very large variety are available, from accelerometers to GSM/GPRS modules.

Boards may feature an interface standard, such as IDC10 or mikroBus, which makes it easy to connect them to Development Systems or other boards which also feature that connection standard.
Software > Circuit Simulation > Microcontroller Simulation 
Microcontroller simulation entails the in-circuit (in-schematic) emulation of a microcontroller, with your code loaded into it.
A large peripheral library and extensive debugging features (such as breakpoints / watches) are available.
Prototyping your design "in cyberspace" can help reduce or eliminate the cost of physical prototypes, greatly speed up code-development, and provide extensive debugging capabilities which would not otherwise be available.
EasyPIC v8
EasyPIC v8 The EasyPIC v8 is a development board designed for the rapid development of embedded applications, based on 8-bit PIC microcontrollers (MCUs). The board offers a set of features which are standard to mikroElektronika development boards, as well as some new and unique features which are common to the 8th generation of development boards: programming and debugging over the WiFi network, connectivity provided by new, improved USB-C connectors, support for a wide range of different MCUs, and more.
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mikroProg PIC Programmer
mikroProg PIC Programmer Programs almost any PIC, from PIC10 to PIC32.
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