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RPB868 Cable Replacer (Go to Parent Category)

RPB868 Cable Replacer RPB868s are used in pairs, with each unit having 4 inputs and 4 outputs: the inputs from one unit are wirelessly copied to the outputs of the other unit, and vice versa. The units are used to replace simple on/off cables where it is either impossible, inconvenient or impractical to lay them. For example, an on/off switch in one location could be used to control power to a device in another location, without the need to run physical wires between the two locations. The units have a range of 2-16km (depending on the type of antenna used).
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Technical Specifications

Frequency Range ISM 868MHz, according to EN 300 220
Channel Range and Count 25kHz, 10 channels
Transmission Power +13dBm, 20mW
Modulation 2FSK with Gaussian filtration
Radio Signaling Rate 9600bps
Receiver Sensitivity Greater than -115dBm for 10-3 BER
Channel Occupation Time Less than 1%
Range Up to 2km with rod antenna, 16km with high gain antenna
Power supply 230Vac, 3.2VA
Digital inputs 4 galvanically isolated inputs 250Vac
Relay outputs 4 relay outputs and connection OK relay, 250Vac/6A
Address, Channel & Test Modes Settings Adjustable with rotating switches on front panel
LEDs Power, inputs
Temperature Range -20°C to +75°C, 0 to 95% RH (non condensing)
Protection IP50
Dimensions 103 x 85 x 58 mm
Mounting 35mm DIN rail