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mikroBasic PRO for 8051 (Go to Parent Category)

mikroBasic PRO for 8051 Compiler mikroBasic PRO for 8051 provides easy-to-learn BASIC syntax, advanced compiler features, built-in routines and many practical examples that allow a quick start in programming 8051 MCUs.
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Software > Circuit Simulation 
Computer-software for design (schematic-capture) and simulation of electronic circuits.

Simulation technologies include SPICE simulation and microprocessor simulation.
All Proteus licenses include schematic-capture and SPICE simlation as standard.
Microcontroller Boards > Development Systems 
Full-featured development systems available for a variety of microcontrollers.
All general-purpose development boards feature a built-in USB programmer, and MikroElektronika standard connectors for easily adding additional functionality by connecting add-on accessory boards.
mikroProg for 8051
mikroProg for 8051 Fast USB programmer which supports the Atmel AT89 series of microcontrollers.
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